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VEP-8 GMDSS EPIRB( Emergency position Indicating Radio Beacon)

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VEP-8 GMDSS EPIRB( Emergency position Indicating Radio Beacon)


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Audio & Video Appliances  -  Other

Offer Post Time: 2017-07-21

Serial Code:

Model: VEP-8


Carriage: HK

Package: carton

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Price: 350.00 USD

 Satellite Emergency Position-indicating Radio Beacon


Product Features:


Automatic and manual start; contain the 121.5MHz auxiliary locator transmitter to facilitate wireless relocation; automatically release the device with a hydrostatic release unit; automatically turn on at night, high-brightness flash; GPS global positioning system.


The VEP8 is available as float-free deckmounted device using HydrostaticRelease Mechanism to be activated automatically on 4m depth.


Three LEDs provide indication of 406 ( COSPAS-SARSAT) and 121.5MHz ( SARhoming Frequency ) transmitters and battery status .


Easy Changeable 2-cell Lithium battery with 5 years life . Small size and weight make PRO-5 anideal solution for pleasure boats and yachts .


High Stability in upright position on wavy surface .

Ultra high performance solid state strobe .

Easy Test facilities with Visual indication.

Proper operation on sea surface , wooden deck or held in hand .


Product Specification:


1)406 MHz satellite transmitters

Output frequency: 406.028MHz ± 1kHz

Output Power: 5W (37dBm) ± 2dB

Phase modulation: peak 1.1rad ± 0.1rad

Encoding: biphasic L coding


2) 121.5 MHz find bits transmitter

Output frequency: 121.5MHz ± 3kHz

Output power:> 50mW (+17 dBm)

Phase manner: A3X

Transmit duty cycle: 100% (continuous emission)


3) GPS satellite positioning system

Receive Channel: 50


Positioning accuracy: 2.5m

Hot start: <1s 

Antenna Vertical Whip


4)Battery Life 

Operation Life: 48 Hours minimum 

Activation method: Automatic and manual 

Battery: 2 Lithium cells of D Size ( LiSOCI ) 

Battery Life: 5 Years 

Operating temperature range: -20 °C ~ +55 °C 

Storage temperature range: -40 °C ~ +65 °C



Housing: ABS plastic 

Size: φ140/231.5mm (not contain antenna) 

Weight: <1.7kg


6)Recognized standards:


CCS approved drawing


Standard After MSC.120 (74) amendments to the IMO A.810 (19) 

IMO A.810 (19) as Amended by MSC.120 (74) 

A.810 (91) 

A.696 (17) 

IEC 60945 2002 


IEC 61097-2-2008